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Can you spare a vote for my inspiration?

Okay, I will tell you this guy was one of my big inspirations for running a marathon. I read his book (well I haven’t finished it yet), but he’s just awesome. He ran 52 marathons in one year. Yes, that is one a week. Well, he’s been nominated for the Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame. If he wins $5000 goes to the charity of his choice. So I told him I’d plug him over on my usual spots. (He’s also the race director of the marathon I’m running in August.)

Anyway here’s a link to vote 2009 Finalist

His name is Dane Rauschenberg.  Here’s a link to his blog as well if your looking for motivation and I highly recommend his book.  It’ll motivate anybody.


So much for designing

Not going to go into the details of why, but for legal reasons due to one of my contracts with Justmommies. (I am an administrator over there for those that do not know that.) I will not be doing designing after all. I’m bummed and not sure what I am doing with my blog at the moment. I feel awful about putting my name in the hat and wasting everybody’s time. Been in a bad mood about it all morning.