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Fixing the links on my missing files

Sorry it’s taken me so long to fix them. I didn’t realize the files had been deleted. I have no idea how that happened, but I’m reuploading them to 4shared and editing the links on the safari kit and the butterfly princess kit. If you’ve tried to download them go ahead and try again. They should be right by the end of tonight.


Long time no blog

Sorry I have all but abandoned my blog.  I have been super busy and just haven’t been scrapping lately.  I am training for my first marathon – see my other blog if you’re interested in following that Anyhow, I am going to try and get some stuff done on this blog soon.  Maybe some more freebies.  We’ll see.  I am very sorry about some of the kits not being able to download.  I haven’t had time to look into that.  I uploaded everything to 4shared ages ago.  I will have to look and see on those.  I am going to give it my best effort to make some pages or something in the next week.  Stay tuned from me.

Cute back to school freebie I found

Sharing some link love today and linking out to a freebie today. I found a cool back to school freebie so I figured I’d post it here. I hope to get some freebies here soon, but figured I’d share this one for now. Anyhow here’s a link to it – back to school. I plan to make some scrapbook pages soon so I’ll share those with you when I get them done.

Applied to be a designer

With some encouragement from my friends I decided to go for it and apply to a designer call and see what happens.  I have been working on a new kit.  This one will not be a freebie, but if I can get it together I will try to put a few things together from it and offer that as a freebie.  I really want to get more into designing, but I also like offering things for free.  My freebie kits I haven’t spent as much time on and the amount of time I am spending on this kit I just can’t see myself not getting into designing for a shop.  I am going to try to put more tutorials on my site as well.  Hopefully I can get some of those together soon.  Summer time is tough for me though so it may just have to wait until the fall.

Alphas, I need to make some!

I was working a page last night for a challenge over at Justmommies and decided I definitely need to make some alphas.  All the freebies I found were pretty simple and all the ones I’ve made thus far have been pretty simple.  I think I want to make a set of really nice alphas that I can use for different pages.  I am not sure when I’ll be able to work on it, might not be for a couple weeks yet because I just have so much chaos during the summer months, but that is my next project for sure.  Stay tuned.

Been super busy

I have been really busy the past few weeks and not had time to do any digital scrapbooking.  I hope that I’ll have some time soon to make some new pages and hopefully another freebie kit too.  My creativity has been zapped lately.  I opened up Photoshop yesterday and just nothing was coming to me.  I just have so much going on right now and I really have to work on this when my mind is in the mood.  I didn’t want anyone to think I’d abandoned my blog.  I hope I have time in the next couple weeks to work on something.

Yay! Got my own domain name!

I bought the domain name a while ago, but hadn’t decided on whether I was going to use it, but since I am using it a lot and have a lot of ideas for things I’d like to do with it I decided to go ahead and get my own domain name for it. Please if you have my site bookmarked update your links. Of course the old links will still work too.