Applied to be a designer

With some encouragement from my friends I decided to go for it and apply to a designer call and see what happens.  I have been working on a new kit.  This one will not be a freebie, but if I can get it together I will try to put a few things together from it and offer that as a freebie.  I really want to get more into designing, but I also like offering things for free.  My freebie kits I haven’t spent as much time on and the amount of time I am spending on this kit I just can’t see myself not getting into designing for a shop.  I am going to try to put more tutorials on my site as well.  Hopefully I can get some of those together soon.  Summer time is tough for me though so it may just have to wait until the fall.


2 responses to “Applied to be a designer

  1. Welcome to the darkside Teresa! LOL!

    I am sure you will get a spot!

  2. momsthewordus

    Good luck!

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