Starting on a new freebie finally

I have had no time or creativity lately, but I finally started working on a new kit last night.  I have some great pictures of our trip to the zoo so I wanted a kit to match with it.  I like using other people’s kits, but I like making my own stuff too.  This one I am planning to be a safari theme.  I have got 7 papers done so far.  I want to make at least 3 more papers and then of course the elements.  I still have a heck of a time with elements.  Papers are fairly easy for me.  I hope I can get it finished by the end of the week.


2 responses to “Starting on a new freebie finally

  1. Fishy Critters

    I just wanted to say a great big thank you to you for all the freebies that you have made. I downloaded them and they are fantastic! May the Lord richly bless you for your kindness. 🙂

    Fishy Critters

  2. Thank you so much for your kindness. Your kits are lovely and I look forward to the new Safari kit. Take your time and finish at your own pace. I’ll be keeping an eye out. Thanks again and take care!

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