Monthly Archives: May 2008

I heart Monica Larson

I love all of her stuff! She is such an awesome designer and I only hope to be as good as her one day. I went out and bought some kits today. I like using my own stuff, but I am really slow at the pace I design. Plus, I like to be able to take my time when I design stuff and it’s fun for me using other people’s stuff too. Anyway, I made a page today with her Magical kit and I was happy with how it turned out so I figured I’d share it here. I know I like looking at people layouts for ideas and inspirations so I figure others might too. Here’s the page I made. Yep, for Leo again, but he’s just so sweet I can’t help myself.


More layouts from me

I figured I’d share some of my recent creations. My sleepy head kit was inspired by pics I took of my silly little boy Leo. He’s such a doll. I walked in and found him asleep in my living room. He was asleep standing up! I have never seen such a thing. I have seen my kids fall asleep in all kinds of weird ways, just not this one. Anyhow, I had a bit of a hard time trying to come up with what to do with my kit at first, but it always takes me a little bit to figure out what I want to do. I think that’s all part of the creative process. Well, here’s the page I made for Leo with my sleepyhead kit.

sleepy head digital scrapbooking

Here’s a page I did with a freebie (Sundance from Designs by Krista). I really like her stuff. I’ve bought a few of her kits now.  (Oops, and the frames were from Manuela Zimmerman.  I really like her stuff a lot too.)

Next kit I make I want to go for a more realistic look. I do like my sleepy head kit, but it’s kind of cartoony and bright so I think I’ll try to do more classy and clean with my next one. We’ll see. I have a harder time with that.