Yay! Got my own domain name!

I bought the domain name a while ago, but hadn’t decided on whether I was going to use it, but since I am using it a lot and have a lot of ideas for things I’d like to do with it I decided to go ahead and get my own domain name for it. Please if you have my site bookmarked update your links. Of course the old links will still work too.


2 responses to “Yay! Got my own domain name!

  1. Hi Teresa!!!!

    Had to stop in and say HELLLLLLOOOOO!!!! Seems like a BUSY, BUSY time for everybody lately and I try SO hard to keep up with everyone by alternating!!! There IS a method to the madness – just need to FINE-TUNE it!!!

    I LOVE your NEW kits and the your LO’s rock girl!!! You are SUPER creative and your TALENT is showing BIG TIME!!!

    CONGRATS on acquiring your OWN domain name. I am working on doing the same – just in case!!! He, he ….

    Take care darlin’ and I will get your link updated on my blog over the weekend as I need to make some other changes as well. Whatever happened to that “8th” day and “25th” hour anyhoo??? ROFL!

    Keep up the FABULOUS work!!!

    Linda 🙂

  2. Today is the first time I have seen your work. You do a great job. I know you are inspired by these adorable children.

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