Some pages I’ve made

I figured I’d share some pages tonight that I’ve made. I really want to get better at this. I do like most of my stuff, but there’s still a lot of designers that I am envious of. The more I scrap though the better feel I get for what to include and not to include in kits (and in my pages). I start thinking of things I am looking for and that helps. Anyhow, on to sharing some of my pages.

Here’s a page I made with my boys will be boys kit.

boys scrapbook layout
Here’s a page I made with my song and dance kit.

ballerina scrapbook layout

Here’s one I made with my butterfly princess kit.

cutie pie scrapbook page

And one of my favorite pages. Nope I didn’t make this kit. Although I really wish I did. I purchased this kit and am oh so jealous of her talents.

Credits: Breeze of Elegance kit from Manuella Zimmermann, frames also from her, but from her Frame collection.


3 responses to “Some pages I’ve made

  1. Those pages are so cute. I just love your products. I found you yesterday and am enjoying looking and getting the wonderful things. If I ever get time to acutally use them I will send you a link to the post. Thanks again.

  2. Those pages are wonderful and you have cute kids, they’re awesome. I love your work. They are all beautiful. I have downloaded all of it. Though I haven’t have time to make layouts, I will surely give you the links when I post using your kits.

    Just a suggestion, you might like to put your name or alias on the files or folder so that when the zipped file is decompressed at a later time we still know from whom we have snatched it and will be able to give you some love and the credit that is due to you. I happen to get lost when I extracted the first kit I got from you, the Paisley one.


  3. mickeybdesigns

    You should give yourself more credit! Your layouts and kits are wonderful! Very professional and well done!

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