Fresh as a Daisy on Bon Scrapatit

I thought I’d share some link love and post about this wonderful freebie over on Bon Scrapatit. I made a beautiful page tonight for my daughter using her freebie kit. Here’s my page that I made.

Here’s a link to her kit. Fresh as a Daisy

I have started on a new freebie myself, but I like using other people’s kits too. I am really slow at making kits. I have 6 kids and tons to do and if I had to rely on me making kits I’d only get to scrap one page every few weeks. I hope to be able to work on the freebie I started on next week. I’ll give you a hint. It’s girl themed.


One response to “Fresh as a Daisy on Bon Scrapatit

  1. Teresa, this is SOOOOO beautiful and I fell in LOVE with it late last night when I stumbled across someone visiting my blog and followed them to JUSTMOMMIES!

    I registered, but was unable to send you a private message and wasn’t sure about posting in the forum (just the old-fashioned part of me I suppose!). Anyhoo, I caught a link to your blog in your siggy and left you a post, then saw that you had left one for me!!! Are you feeling the cat and mouse effect yet??? ROFL! Thank you SO much the post and the GORGEOUS layout of Megan!!!

    I am going to add you to my blog and I think it is SO totally cool that you and Mandy know each other as well. I also saw Jennifer over at JUST MOMMIES (from Italy) and I have her blog bookmarked from a while back too!

    Funny how the circle grows all around the world and never ceases to amaze me.

    SIX KIDS!!! And you have TIME to scrap??? I raised six as well and I always tell my digi sisters that I would NEVER have had the time to spend on the computer as my day was NON-STOP from the time I arose in the morning until I fell into bed at night!!! But then, I did homeschool and we spent SO much time outside of the home as well. ANYHOO – I’m just glad to meet you and I will definitely pass your website, JM’s, onto my DIL. I think it would be AWESOME to get her started on some digital scrapbooking now that she has finally left her job as she awaits the birth of her baby boy!!!

    Okay, the RAMBLER is leaving your blog, posting your link on mine and shall try to get over to visit whenever I am able.

    I am SO happy to see you designing and if you ever have a question about anything, please feel free to ask – or, perhaps I might be asking YOU!!!


    Linda 🙂

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