Working on another freebie

I’ve got all the papers done for it a few frames and some stapled ribbons.  I’m still trying to figure out what else to put in it, but I’m getting close.  As soon as I get that done I am going to work on a black and white tutorial for PSE (Photoshop Elements).  I’ll do PSP (Paint Shop Pro) next and then finally Gimp.  I am hoping to get my next kit done in the next couple days, but I am really slow with elements.  I just always have a hard time coming up with ideas that and I have a hard time using elements in my pages.  Stay tuned!


One response to “Working on another freebie

  1. Hi,
    just want to say thank you from New Zealand for your generosity in offering us your wonderful scrapping freebies. It is so good too know in these troubled times that people still have love and giving to the world community. Thanks, cheers to a better world. Margo

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