Starting to work on a new freebie

I am working on a blue paisley kit. Paisley is one of those things that I really have a hard time with, but I really like it. I’ve tried to do it before and just couldn’t get it right. This kit is probably going to take me a little bit to finish, but here’s a preview of the first paper. (It’s all I got done because it took me forever.) I plan to work on the rest of the papers this week and the elements if I can this weekend. Here’s a preview of the upcoming freebie.

Also, I am thinking of adding some photo enhancement tutorials to the blog. I am really big into enhancing my photos. I really think your photos should be the spotlight of your pages. If I have some time I will write up some for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop Elements, and Gimp. (Don’t ask why I have all 4 programs, but I do. ) Anyhow that’s it for now.


3 responses to “Starting to work on a new freebie

  1. Beautiful Teresa!

    The tut idea is great! I know first hand how awesome you are with photo enhancing!

  2. I really like your creations. They are so good considering you are new at designing. I would never know how to do that so as a scrapper, I appreciate your bright, happy colors and designs. Thanks, Carol in NC

  3. Christine Allport

    I would be pleased to have some tutorials on PSP8 photo enhancing as I have just scanned in an old black and white photo of my mother in law and when I printed it out it was very green.

    Any tips?

    I just love your kits.

    Thank you so much.


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