Still playing with bows & ribbons

Well, I have been obsessed with learning how to make these suckers and I got the basic concept now, but I still haven’t made one that I am really happy with. I am going to keep at it though until I figure this out. Once I am happy with it I am going to try and make a PS action and/or a PSP script for it. Anyway, here’s my first bow (well my second because I made some for my Valentines kit too, but I am doing it a different way now.)


3 responses to “Still playing with bows & ribbons

  1. What an awesome bow!! Great job.

  2. That is really cool, where did you learn to make them?

  3. i downloaded the tea party freebie but don’t know how to use it. right now it is on my c drive. help please. my daughter had a tea party for her 4th birthday party and wanted to use this.

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