Vintage Tea Party Mini Kit Freebie

Okay, I’ve been messing with this one for several days now and just kind of tired of playing with it so figured I’d make it into a mini kit instead of a full kit. I just couldn’t think of what else to put in it. I’ve been playing around with making cardboard and the peeled back wallpaper look. I am really trying to learn some new tricks. I zipped this one up in PS and then again in PSP. I don’t know what I am doing wrong with saving pngs for PSP, but I figured I’d just save them as psp files and call it a day. If I get some time later I will resave, rezip, & reupload the birthday kit for psp. It’s got a lot of different files so I am just too tired to do it right now, but I will try to get it done.

vintage tea party digital scrapbook kit

Okay, here’s the preview of the mini kit. I was going for a tea party look, not sure if I pulled it off, :). The kit includes 3 papers and then 3 papers with the cardboard and peeled wallpaper backing, and a teapot, teacup, saucer, saucer & teacup together, spoon, and then a white and metal frame.

Here’s the links to download.

Vintage Tea Party Digital Scrapbook Freebie

Vintage Tea Party Digital Scrapbook Freebie for PSP

Here’s a page I made with it for Megan. I did make some other pages for my other kids in between this. I swear I don’t just do Megan’s pages, lol.

Here’s a page I made with Mandy’s kit for Leo. Figured I’d include that in this too, what the heck.


11 responses to “Vintage Tea Party Mini Kit Freebie

  1. I LOVE your new kit Teresa!!I love how you did the edge of the papers with the cardboard!And the layout you did with it looks really elegant with the frame and tea set.Just perfect for little girls!

    And thanks for posting a layout useing my kit,It’s adorable!!It’s still so weird to me when i see people useing a kit i made!LOL

  2. Great kit Teresa! Thanks!

    I love your layouts and admire the fact that you can MAKE bows with the program!

  3. I love this kit, it really is perfect for little girls. I also love your layout that you have done with it. It is so elegant. Thank you very much for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the tea set. So sweeet!

  5. Hi Mommyscraps. Love your cute freebies.

    I just popped over to let you know that I’ve included your site in this week’s Five Freebies on Friday round up on Scraps of Mind

  6. Awesome kit…TY4S……..

  7. mary anne-texas


  8. Thank you!
    This kit will be featured freebies on your page at Digi Scrap Land.

  9. This is wonderful! Love the layout and tks for the freebie!

  10. Gorgeous!!! I love the Tea Set kit, it’s beautifully done!! You’re very talented, keep up the beautiful work! 🙂

  11. Hi! I just wanted to thank you for this darling kit! I used it to make party invitations for my daughter’s birthday tea party! They turned out really cute – there’s a pic on my site if you want to see. If you decide to revamp this into a full kit, some lace and bows would be great and maybe cookies and a teddy bear. Just my random thoughts! I had to go searching out a couple extra elements but it was worth it to use your adorable kit. Thank you! 🙂

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