Starting to work on my next freebie kit

I have an idea forming in my head for my next kit.  I want to make a boy’s themed birthday kit.  I am thinking if I do it right I can just recolorize it and make one for a girl too, but we’ll see.  This time I am making the page for it as I go so I can see if the elements really work with the kit or not.  I found with the last one when I went to make a page I couldn’t get everything to work together the way I had thought so I am hoping designing a page as I go will help.  I am going to make this one 300 resolution since the last one I stuck with a 200 resolution.  Also, if I make frames they will be bigger.  I wound up not making them big enough the last time.  Not sure if I will include frames for this kit or not.  It depends on how it works out.  I think I am going to include a layered template for it too. I have no idea if other sites do that since I really haven’t used many other people’s kits.  I just make my stuff up as I go, but I figure if I would use it then maybe someone else would and if they don’t like the template oh well… Anyhow, who knows how long it will take me to complete it.  We’ll see.


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