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Mandy has a new freebie as well

If you haven’t checked out Mandy’s Mistiques I figured I’d share her blog with you tonight. She’s got a few cute freebie kits over there and she just added a new one as well. Here’s a link to her blog – Mandy’s Mystiques.


Birthday Digital Scrapbooking Freebie

Okay, my second kit is done. I am not completely happy with everything, but I think it turned out okay. My bows on my gift boxes need some work. I was going to just scrap the gift boxes, but then decided I’d leave them in there. I am getting the idea of how to do bows, but I still need lots of practice with them. I really want to learn to do them myself though so I will keep trying. Maybe my next freebie will be a set of ribbons so I can get lots of practice.

Here’s a preview of the kit.

birthday digital scrapbook freebie
Okay, the files are huge. I had to break it up into 3 separate zip files. Last kit I made 200dpi, but I went ahead and made them 300dpi this time so I am sure that’s why they are so huge. One file has the papers. The birthday kit file has all the other elements. Then finally I made a layered template using my kit and papers. I plan to use this for my son’s birthday that is coming up so I figured I’d make a template for it while I was working on this. Since I was using it for myself anyways, I figured I’d share it. I have never purchased a template from another site so quite honestly I have no idea if I created the template the way I am supposed to, but I didn’t really care. I figure if you want it you can use it and if you don’t, you don’t. I put all the papers and elements on their own layer and made black squares for you to use for your pictures (or you can get rid of them). I thought it’d be easier having all the layers there in case you wanted to shift things around a little. Anyhow, here is a preview of the template.

happy birthday digital scrapbooking template

Here are all the download links for you.

birthday digital scrapbook papers freebie

birthday digital scrapbook kit freebie

birthday template freebie

Starting to work on my next freebie kit

I have an idea forming in my head for my next kit.  I want to make a boy’s themed birthday kit.  I am thinking if I do it right I can just recolorize it and make one for a girl too, but we’ll see.  This time I am making the page for it as I go so I can see if the elements really work with the kit or not.  I found with the last one when I went to make a page I couldn’t get everything to work together the way I had thought so I am hoping designing a page as I go will help.  I am going to make this one 300 resolution since the last one I stuck with a 200 resolution.  Also, if I make frames they will be bigger.  I wound up not making them big enough the last time.  Not sure if I will include frames for this kit or not.  It depends on how it works out.  I think I am going to include a layered template for it too. I have no idea if other sites do that since I really haven’t used many other people’s kits.  I just make my stuff up as I go, but I figure if I would use it then maybe someone else would and if they don’t like the template oh well… Anyhow, who knows how long it will take me to complete it.  We’ll see.

I made a page finally

Okay, next kit I make I’m not making until I have got more practice actually making pages. It was really hard for me to pull it all together into a page. That and my stupid camera broke so I got these pics and then some other pics of my other daughter, but now I got to send it out to get it fixed. Thankfully, it’s under warranty. Hopefully, I can make one more page with my other daughter’s pics and then either use my sister’s camera or maybe mine will be back to take Leo’s pic. His birthday is coming up and I want to make a birthday kit for him. Here is the page I came up with for Megan using my Valentine kit.

Megan's digital scrapbook page

I think it turned okay. Not as great as some of the pages I have seen, but I’m happy enough with it.

Valentines Digital Scrapbook Freebie

I made my first real kit. It’s not as good as a lot of other people’s, but hey I am new at this and I figure it’s the only way to learn— practice! I plan to make some pages this weekend with the kit of one of my kids, probably one of the girls, but who knows maybe I’ll use it for Leo, he’s a doll. I am learning to make bows and ribbons and did these from scratch so I don’t think they were too bad for a first try. Anyhow, here’s the preview of the kit.

Valentine Digital Scrapbook kit freebie

Here’s the link to download it. I haven’t quite figured out this file sharing thing so if the link doesn’t work please let me know.

Pink Valentine Digital Scrapbooking Freebie 

New at this

Hi, welcome to my blog. I decided to take a stab at a digital scrapbooking blog. I am a total newbie to this and bare with me if I don’t have all the lingo of veteran designers. I hope that I can make some cute freebies for people to use and I hope that this will inspire me to really start doing more with my own personal digital scrapbooking. I plan to share kits that I made for free and page designs I have done for myself. I have mostly stuck with forum signatures and not done a whole lot of digital scrapbooking, but I also do some graphic design for Justmommies as well so I figure I have some experience. I hope you will like my blog and enjoy my freebies.